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3 Party Logistics(3PL) services is part of YCT’s service. Our team manage and operate highly-streamlined warehouses designed to approach our clients’ demand. Warehousing team has fully experience over than 10 years to maintain and optimize merchandises in racking system. All products and supplies are being securely stored at the right place, and the inventory count is accurate and updated at all times. We provide daily assistance for clients to minimize time wasting on managing inventory, packaging and shipping arrangement.


  • Inventory Tracking in real-time

  • Drop Shipping

  • Performance Measurement

  • Equipment (Fork Left and Fork Stacker)

  • Purchasing & Customer Service Administration

  • QC/QA inspections for domestic and international shipments

  • Customer Specific Certification

  • Cross Docking

  • Special Labeling

  • Long and short term warehousing & storage

  • LTL and parcel transportation and shipping arrangement 

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