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YCT Logistics

YCT is your best business consolidated partner in logistics services more than 10 years. We offer freight transportation, logistics, warehousing and custom advisor through local offices distribute in California, and Asia. Each team work timelessly with every customer to delivery merchandises to destinations safety and efficiencies.   

Our Services

YCT Logistics provides professional freight forwarding and international shipping in logistics industry with a worldwide network of offices.

Our Services



YCT Logistics can quickly delivers merchandise via air freight to destination of worldwide. This air freight forwarding services relay on our logistics management solution to reduce transit costs and improves your supply chain.



YCT Logistics  arranges your merchandises through  ocean freight vesels and handles constant tracking of all our customers transiting shipments. We are expertise at lots of international ocean freight.



YCT Logistics has solid  management system in ground transportation to service clients. As an asset-based provider, each of our truck driver with plenty experiences and trained to delivery your merchandises securely and reliably.

3PL & Warehousing

Warehousing team manage and operate highly-streamlined warehouses designed to approach every clients’ demand.



YCT with fully of trained professionals provide comprehensive  customs brokerage advice and services.

Support Consulting

YCT Logistics has expert management analyst team can provide consulting in logistics and supply train management. Optimizing your shipping processes. 

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